Eight Things That are No Joke


  • Laundry


Every single aspect of laundry is so daunting. Yes, I realize we have come a long way in this world by not having to wash by hand, however, the process of separating your clothes, loading them into the washer, waiting patiently while completing another task, moving your clothes to the dryer, waiting even more patiently, (or completely forgetting about them until you cannot seem to find your favorite shirt anywhere), then, the ever so dreaded, folding of the clothes, followed by the even more dreaded, putting away the clothes. I just can’t get on board with this process.  


  • Bathing


Yes, I know I have to bathe. I realize this can be a very enjoyable thing, however, there are times where I just don’t want to take the 10-30 minutes out of my day to do this simple task. Particularly at night when I have to shower because I can’t go to bed with makeup on. I always do it (definitely don’t always shave), but I do always shower and wash my bod.


  • Dishes


Weirdly enough, I do not mind doing the dishes. I don’t really mind hand washing them, and I certainly don’t mind loading the dishwasher. I hate, double, hate, LOATHE unloading the dishwasher or putting away the clean dishes. It is just such a waste of time in my mind. I love how clean my kitchen looks when they are put away, but it is generally a task I put off on someone else.


  • Cleaning


Another task that I just don’t enjoy in the slightest. I will wipe down my counters, I will organize the mess that accumulates on the table right by the door, I will clean up after our zoo, and I will even sweep on occasion. Do not expect to find me dancing around with a duster at any point in the day, or putting away laundry before I have three clean loads on the floor and I don’t have anything to wear. These are not enjoyable things to me, and frankly, I consider them a waste of time. Necessary, but still a waste of time.


  • Getting gas


If you have been in my life for a while then you are aware that I very often wait until my choices are break down or get gas. If you happen to be in the car with me while I have to ponder this decision then I will offer up everything I own in order to convince you to pump my gas. Part of this stems from my slight fear of other people’s germs on public objects. I just can’t even think about the things that have touched that gas pump. Plus my mom scared me at a young age about how someone could jump in your car and steal it or steal your things or hide and kill you. There are just so many things that could go wrong when pumping gas, because of that it takes a lot of courage for me to pump my gas instead of being stranded. #createjobs #gaspumpersneeded


  • Cooking dinner


I should cook dinner way more often than I do. I should do a lot of things way more often than I do, but that’s not the point. Cooking dinner sends me into a spiral of what comes next. Generally I start to cook, then I start to smell what I’m cooking. I call, “Dinner is ready!” just like my mom does. I make plates for everyone (even though I live with two grown men), and then we all sit down to eat. The food is almost never as good as I want it to be. After dinner  comes dirty dishes, refer to number 3. I don’t necessarily mind this chore, but once the dishes are done they have to be put away. If I cook dinner the next night then the SAME exact thing has to happen. It’s all so repetitive. I generally opt for eating out, but since I’m trying to be healthy that’s really not the best decision usually.


  • Organizing


I actually enjoy organizing, most of the time. This doesn’t mean that I don’t think it’s a waste of time. Almost everything in my house has a specific place it could go. Do these things get put in their place? Absolutely not. Anything that is in my  hand when I walk in the door gets placed directly on the couch table until there is a pile so high that it is falling over. At some point in my life I decide this is ridiculous and I begin to sort through this pile. I generally find all kinds of fun things.

  •         Making the bed

Let’s be honest, I don’t actually ever do this. I see no sense in going through the trouble of pulling the covers up, placing the pillows in their correct spot, and adding the adorable throw pillows I own. Instead the bed often looks like I sat in the middle and turned in circles until the blankets were completely twisted up and the throw pillows reside on the floor somewhere that I often trip over.


It is very possible that you disagree with me on a number of these things. I am okay with that.

I also do not intend this post to be ungrateful for the fact that I live such a life of luxury to have the opportunity to even hate these things.

Simply put, I’m pretty lazy. I like to take the easy way out.


Catch ya next week,

Life is my comedy show

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