Laughing into the New Year

It’s 2017! The start of a new year, the start of a new beginning for some, or just another year for others.

For me personally, I want to make this year great! I have big plans for my mental and physical health, I have big plans for my blog, and I have big plans for my future.

Starting next week I am going to be posting at least once a week.

Say what??

Yeah, I plan to kick this blog off this year.

I also plan to start eating healthy and making healthy choices. I am doing this for me. I want to love myself so much; I want to treat my body with more respect that I have been.

Recently I’ve been thinking so much about my future littles. I still have a few more years until I want to raise a child; however, when that time comes I want to be the best house for that little blessing. This makes me want to start now!

Let me be honest though, my intention was to start this January 2nd (the first I was making the drive from Florida to Maryland). I bought myself a planner, wrote my day in my planner, set my alarm for 8am, and I promptly turned this alarm off at 8am. I did not work out that day. I did not eat healthy that day. I don’t even know that I did anything productive that day.

I tried again the next day, and the next day, and the next day. Here we are on January 9th and I have yet to work out. I’ve eaten out every single day, and I have not done one thing that I wanted to accomplish.

I’m not going to let this stop me this time. I will continue to convince myself this is going to happen until it does.

One thing that has helped me so far is the fact that I got a planner and have really been writing down what I want to do with my days. Another thing that has helped me is watching vlogs by people who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and committed to loving their bodies.

I know I won’t accomplish all of these things in a day, but I am going to keep working towards this. I will continue to write about my progress in hopes that I will remember I am also accountable to you this year.

One more thing,

For Christmas my dad got me a Cricut, so I am also going to make time to be creative. I will be showing off my creations in different blog posts as well as offering some of them for sale.

I can’t wait to spend time on me for me.

Catch ya next week,
Life is my Comedy Show

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