My Co-star


We chose each other to laugh with forever. That’s a really big deal.

Our sense of humor matches on most levels. We understand each other, and we laugh hard and often. The only fall back is that I’m much funnier than my handsome co-star gives me credit for. I mean, seriously, I am hilarious.

See how funny he thinks I am?

We met at our first job, a very glamorous grocery store job. I told a customer “The orange juice is that way!” and as the customer walked away this adorable blue eyed coworker of mine quietly says, “Actually, the orange juice is that way (the opposite direction), but I’m sure they will figure it out.” In that moment I knew would live happily ever after with him.

Just kidding!

I knew that he was one of the cutest boys I had ever laid eyes on, and I knew that I wanted to be his. Forever was not on my mind at 16. In fact, forever was not on my mind for a long while. I don’t know if I really grasped the concept of forever until things started getting very serious with this man. That was completely terrifying to me. Is forever even real? Do people actually stay together for that long? I’ve seen it with my grandparents, but that’s about it. I knew I loved him very much, but could we love each other forever? Could we always laugh as hard as we did in the beginning?


Obviously it hasn’t been forever yet, and I do not know what the future holds. I do know that with every single passing second I am so grateful to have such a wonderful, handsome, and caring co-star in my life. We don’t always laugh as hard as we did in the beginning because usually we’re laughing much harder. We get each other in a way I didn’t know existed.

matching pjs.jpg
Sometimes we match to be extra cute.

Of course sometimes we fight. We are both very passionate in our beliefs, and they don’t always match. But our disagreements are usually silent until we can gather our thoughts enough to explain our sides.

I am the emotion. I immediately react with whatever emotion comes to me.

He is the logic. Everything has a rhyme and reason as to why he feels the way he does.

This is what makes us so perfect.

I could tell you a million stories, and I will as time progresses. If you ever meet my co-star you may not believe most of these stories, but when you become a part of our regular life you’ll quickly believe every word.

snow bunnies.jpg
Our very first snow together.

Until next time,

Life is my comedy show

Learning to laugh

I had to learn to laugh. I have always had a sense of humor. I have always been pretty sharp with my witty comebacks and sarcasm. I like to mask things with jokes, and I always have. It took growing up and reflecting to truly learn to laugh.

Let’s get just a little bit serious for a minute.

I suffer from both depression and anxiety. *GASP*

I thought I would get that out of the way sooner rather than later.

Yes, I suffer from both. I am on medicine for both. I have no shame about my mental illnesses, and I still know how to laugh. I laugh loud, hard, and very obnoxiously.

My mental illness is the reason I had to learn to laugh. I had to learn to laugh even in the worst of times. I had to learn to see any ray of light in a very dark place.

With a lot of learning and much more faith, I think I’m finally getting there.

So that time in fourth grade when I pee’d my pants in the middle of a math test is now a very funny story to share. As well as the time I pee’d my pants before I could make it back to my apartment in Cali. I think those are both hilarious stories now. At the time I was horribly embarrassed (especially when the really nice person sitting next to me told the whole class, and when I had to sneakily wash my shoes at the Laundromat that specifically said ‘no shoes in the machines’). Now I think of it more as a really great way to laugh at myself, and when I say, “I really have to pee. Like right now”, people take me much more seriously.

In high school I did things that no one could ever be proud of. I can seriously laugh at how silly yet real I thought things were then. I remember how much every single outfit, relationship, and party mattered. Every negative word that other people said about me was heart wrenching. I smiled through all of this. I always pretended I was okay. Then I would cry before falling asleep and replay every ugly word that every single one of those ugly hearted people said. I thought it all mattered so much when it really didn’t matter at all. I learned so much in those years that made me the person I needed to be. Being this person meant being a person who can laugh at the silly things in life and find a positive in the negatives of life. Being this person means I know whose words really matter, and whose words don’t.

Okay, this got deep. I didn’t mean to. We’ll keep it light from now on.

What’s a moth’s life motto?

Always look at the bright side. 😉

Until next time,

Life is my comedy show


Laughing with Leia

I have a chocolate lab. We bought (yes, bought, not adopted; the horror, I know) little Miss Leia in October of 2015. She was about 10 weeks old at the time.

She looks so innocent, doesn’t she?

Since we’ve had her there have been many days where I didn’t know where our entertainment came before her. There are also many days where I’m sure getting a puppy was the biggest mistake we ever made, and I’m just glad we decided on a puppy instead of a baby. Leia is not just any puppy, she is a puppy with separation anxiety that hates loud noises and has endless amounts of energy. Did I mention we live in an apartment? I realize we aren’t the only ones, who have ever had a lab puppy in an apartment, what I don’t realize is how anyone actually survives this way without being admitted.

snow covered rock
There was no convincing her that this “rock” was going to melt.

Leia loves rocks. My house looks like a rock museum. She brings in a rock from outside every single time she goes potty. This is not an exaggeration. We have started throwing the rocks off the balcony, so now we have our own rock garden at the bottom of our balcony. Leia also has an endless amount of toys of which she likes/has not completely destroyed about five of them. Leia is not allowed to have rope toys, toys made of cloth, or a bed in her crate.

Meet Pink Flamingo

You know how stores have those super cute Christmas toys in December? Stores have the toys with the little hats and scarves for puppies? They are adorable. Leia had a big long (about 3ft) pink flamingo. Pink flamingo had a cute little hat and a long red scarf. Long red scarves are not something you tend to worry about until you have to help your puppy remove it from their bottom. Leias’ favorite place to use the bathroom is on the grass right outside of the front office of our complex. One beautiful yet cold afternoon Leia was really struggling to release her bowels. My eye caught some red dangling from her bottom. Of course I was worried at first, as anyone would be seeing red coming out of the bottom of another creature. I soon realized that this was not blood or her intestines, this was Pink Flamingos scarf. Poor pink flamingo must have been cold. With my neighbors circling the roundabout and the wonderful people who run our complex undoubtedly watching the comedy show that is my life, I grab a poop bag and proceed to pull no less than a one and a half foot scarf from Leias’ behind for all of Windsor to see.

She just found a blender ball…

Until next time,

Life is my comedy show

Welcome, audience

Life is my comedy show. Sometimes I get tomatoes thrown at me and booed off the stage, but sometimes I’m in Madison Square with a sold out show.

I really like comedy. I really like to make people laugh, and I really like to make everything into a funny story. Sometimes it’s hard to find the good in life, but if you can laugh at yourself then you have a great start.

I’m here to tell you stories about my life. These will be in no reasonable order or under no certain topic. I will write as it comes to me. Maybe about today, maybe about years ago, but I will write my heart out. My goal is to make you laugh. My goal is to connect with you through my stories and for you to realize that you can make life your comedy show as well.

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