Still Here Laughing

So much has happened in my life recently.

The most exciting of these things is that we bought a house! We decided to stay put for the next few years, so it seemed reasonable to pay monthly towards our mortgage instead of monthly rent.

House buying is quite the event in itself. Every time a new house was on the market that looked remotely like what we wanted we would drop our plans and go look at it.

The amount of homes we viewed was crazy, and the amount of homes we hated was equally as crazy.

We finally found our dream home and I knew that the moment I stepped foot inside of it.

Our new home certainly has its flaws, but as a whole I am madly in love with our cute house on a hill.


Let’s go back to where we left off.

Obviously I was homesick (that’s why I wrote about home), so I decided to go home and visit my favorite people in the world. The visit was lovely, as always. I visited everyone that I could, I ate too much, laughed enough to count as an ab workout, and cried quietly in the airport when I left.


Leaving home is always hard. I miss my costar tremendously, I miss my bad child (Leia), my sweet kitty (Vee) , my scaly friend (Jar-Jar), and my underwater friend (Finn). I miss my bed and my kitchen, but leaving my family 12 hours always makes me a little bit sad.

So I came back to my bittersweet homecoming with snuggles from my cute husband and my small farm, barely unpacked, got a decent night sleep, worked the next day, and ended up in the hospital that night.

Lucky me, I got a kidney infection! Yay!

Those things are the bane of my existence.

Spent the weekend being catered to with heparin shots to the belly, loud alarms when fluids ran out, 2am blood pressure checks, and three meals a day brought to me in bed. It was glorious.

I prayed that I would be out by Tuesday so that we could sign for our house a day early since my co-star had an eye surgery planned for Wednesday!

My prayers were answered, and as exhausted and still slightly in pain as I was the hospital agreed to release me Monday night.

Tuesday was the day we got our home!! We did a final walk through, we signed the papers, we dotted our I’s and crossed our T’s and became home owners.

Wednesday I drove my sweet man to make his eyes new and able to see.

Thursday and Friday were filled with packing and stressing.

Saturday some of our closest family members came to lend a helping hand and break in our new home.


Sunday was officially moving day! We set off that morning with the U-haul, packed up everything large (I take no credit for this), and then unpacked everything large (Also taking no credit for this). With only minor set backs we had a pretty successful moving day.

We’ve been in our house for about 3 weeks and some things are still in boxes, we have made friends with all of our woodland creatures, I’ve almost found everything that my grandma put away, and we have Wi-Fi.

I strategically planned a housewarming party so that I have no choice but to have my house in order soon.


Until next time,

Life is my comedy show


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