My Born in Side-Kick



I was blessed enough to receive a born-in sidekick. At four years old I did not count it as a blessing at all.

I wanted a little sister. I wanted someone I could dress up and play dolls with, but mostly someone to boss around.

I got this, but in the form of a 10 pound little brother.

This is was not what I had planned.

Before he was born I got to use his bookshelf as a two-story Barbie house, I didn’t have a lot of rules about when I had to be quiet, and I got all of the attention all of the time before this little creature came along.

That year for Christmas my Papa built me an awesome two-story Barbie house complete with furniture, so that sort of made up for the whole bookshelf thing.

I’m not even sure we know what’s going on here.


Through the years I really learned to appreciate this kid though. Sure we fought, I often made him scream on purpose, I really enjoyed pulling his hair, and it drove me insane when he made weird noises, but at some point all of this grew on me.

Now this kid is one of my very best friends.

If you’ve been around me for any time at all you have heard me brag on him about what and amazing young man God has made him.

Notice that everyone else seems very confused.


He makes straight A’s, he accomplishes anything he puts his mind to, he is a friend to everyone, he is quite handsome, he’s a hard worker, he’s very honest about everything, he’s absolutely hilarious, and he has a super cool sister.

He continues to astonish me with his kind heart and wisdom that can’t have come from anywhere but the blessing of God.


We know how to have the most amount of fun, we know how to laugh the hardest (usually no one else even knows why we’re laughing, including mom), and we know to be there for each other through everything.


This wonderful blessing turns 17 today. I almost can’t believe it.

I love you kid. Keep your head up and continue standing up for what you believe in.

Until next time,

Life is my Comedy Show

The Woman, The Momager

She’s not really my momager, yet. When I’m famous she will be though.

In our natural state of laughter.

This is the lady who blessed this world with yours truly. This is the lady who put up with every shenanigan I got into as a child and teenager. This is the lady I talk to every single day for at least an hour, and I could never explain to you what we talk about.

The cool thing about my mom is that as an adult she is now my very best friend. Any time anything happens, from buying a pair of pants at the thrift store for $2 to making huge life decisions, this lady is my first call.


There is never a dull moment when the two of us are around. We very often laugh until we cry. We share a wonderful sense of humor and bond that I believe only mother and child can share.

Remember when I had to learn how to laugh? This lady was a huge help in that. Whenever I felt down she would crank up the Coyote Ugly soundtrack, Kelly Clarkson, or SheDaisy and we would sing at the top of our lungs until I forgot what was wrong.


This beautiful human being also taught me about faith, love, and understanding. She showed me how to be strong by tackling life’s obstacles head on.

I’m really glad she’s gotten smarter, because when I was younger she truly knew nothing. She was always trying to give me advice, that I never listened to, or share her experiences, that I think she probably made up. As I’ve gotten older she’s gotten a million times smarter. I think she finally knows what’s she’s talk about nowadays.


I love you mommybear. ❤❤

To all the wonderful mom’s out there, keep it up. One day I will know how hard it is.

Until next time,

Life is my Comedy Show

I Hate Shaving My Legs

Why in the world are cultural norms a thing? I seriously do not understand at all. If I don’t feel like shaving my legs I should still feel comfortable wearing shorts. If my toes aren’t painted then I should still feel comfortable wearing flip-flops.

It is appropriate to wear capri's without shaving, right?
It is appropriate to wear capri’s without shaving, right?

I don’t, and I hate it. Probably more than I hate shaving my legs and painting my nails combined.

Oh my gosh, does that mean I’m not a girl?!

No, not at all. If someone says they enjoy shaving then they have never actually shaved.

Hair is natural. I don’t care if you shave, so stop caring if I do.

I do love to wear makeup. I absolutely love sculpting my face to how I want it to look. I think males should be able to do that without judgment too though. If you want your highlight on fleek then ROCK IT.


I don’t think I’ll ever understand cultural norms…

Who decided I had to shave my legs, but my co-star has to shave his face?

Who decided I get to put on makeup and look fancy, but my brother can’t fix his face up?

Why can I not have a friend who is a male without someone somewhere assuming I am doing something terribly wrong?

Honestly if anyone can give me a good solid reason for all of these things I promise to shave my legs every other day, to keep my toenails painted, and to never have a male friend again.

I guess what I’m really getting at is just do what makes you happy. Seriously. If wearing a dress makes you happy then you go out and find that perfect dress and flaunt it!

All natural. :)
All natural, except for the clothes.

Guess what makes me happy? Having to do the least amount of work possible unless I want to.

I don’t think life is meant to be anything less than amazing.

Until next time,

Life is my Comedy Show

My Co-star


We chose each other to laugh with forever. That’s a really big deal.

Our sense of humor matches on most levels. We understand each other, and we laugh hard and often. The only fall back is that I’m much funnier than my handsome co-star gives me credit for. I mean, seriously, I am hilarious.

See how funny he thinks I am?

We met at our first job, a very glamorous grocery store job. I told a customer “The orange juice is that way!” and as the customer walked away this adorable blue eyed coworker of mine quietly says, “Actually, the orange juice is that way (the opposite direction), but I’m sure they will figure it out.” In that moment I knew would live happily ever after with him.

Just kidding!

I knew that he was one of the cutest boys I had ever laid eyes on, and I knew that I wanted to be his. Forever was not on my mind at 16. In fact, forever was not on my mind for a long while. I don’t know if I really grasped the concept of forever until things started getting very serious with this man. That was completely terrifying to me. Is forever even real? Do people actually stay together for that long? I’ve seen it with my grandparents, but that’s about it. I knew I loved him very much, but could we love each other forever? Could we always laugh as hard as we did in the beginning?


Obviously it hasn’t been forever yet, and I do not know what the future holds. I do know that with every single passing second I am so grateful to have such a wonderful, handsome, and caring co-star in my life. We don’t always laugh as hard as we did in the beginning because usually we’re laughing much harder. We get each other in a way I didn’t know existed.

matching pjs.jpg
Sometimes we match to be extra cute.

Of course sometimes we fight. We are both very passionate in our beliefs, and they don’t always match. But our disagreements are usually silent until we can gather our thoughts enough to explain our sides.

I am the emotion. I immediately react with whatever emotion comes to me.

He is the logic. Everything has a rhyme and reason as to why he feels the way he does.

This is what makes us so perfect.

I could tell you a million stories, and I will as time progresses. If you ever meet my co-star you may not believe most of these stories, but when you become a part of our regular life you’ll quickly believe every word.

snow bunnies.jpg
Our very first snow together.

Until next time,

Life is my comedy show