My Co-star


We chose each other to laugh with forever. That’s a really big deal.

Our sense of humor matches on most levels. We understand each other, and we laugh hard and often. The only fall back is that I’m much funnier than my handsome co-star gives me credit for. I mean, seriously, I am hilarious.

See how funny he thinks I am?

We met at our first job, a very glamorous grocery store job. I told a customer “The orange juice is that way!” and as the customer walked away this adorable blue eyed coworker of mine quietly says, “Actually, the orange juice is that way (the opposite direction), but I’m sure they will figure it out.” In that moment I knew would live happily ever after with him.

Just kidding!

I knew that he was one of the cutest boys I had ever laid eyes on, and I knew that I wanted to be his. Forever was not on my mind at 16. In fact, forever was not on my mind for a long while. I don’t know if I really grasped the concept of forever until things started getting very serious with this man. That was completely terrifying to me. Is forever even real? Do people actually stay together for that long? I’ve seen it with my grandparents, but that’s about it. I knew I loved him very much, but could we love each other forever? Could we always laugh as hard as we did in the beginning?


Obviously it hasn’t been forever yet, and I do not know what the future holds. I do know that with every single passing second I am so grateful to have such a wonderful, handsome, and caring co-star in my life. We don’t always laugh as hard as we did in the beginning because usually we’re laughing much harder. We get each other in a way I didn’t know existed.

matching pjs.jpg
Sometimes we match to be extra cute.

Of course sometimes we fight. We are both very passionate in our beliefs, and they don’t always match. But our disagreements are usually silent until we can gather our thoughts enough to explain our sides.

I am the emotion. I immediately react with whatever emotion comes to me.

He is the logic. Everything has a rhyme and reason as to why he feels the way he does.

This is what makes us so perfect.

I could tell you a million stories, and I will as time progresses. If you ever meet my co-star you may not believe most of these stories, but when you become a part of our regular life you’ll quickly believe every word.

snow bunnies.jpg
Our very first snow together.

Until next time,

Life is my comedy show