Where I Started the Show

I grew up in the smallest of towns.

I’m sure there are smaller towns, but i didn’t think so growing up.

In my town a few things were very normal. Let me name them:

  1. You could be identified by your last name. “You look like a(n) *insert last name here*. Is *insert father’s name here* your dad?”
  2. We really hung out in the Walmart parking lot. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. That’s where everyone met up to figure out where the real party was.
  3. The real party was usually in either the woods or someone’s parents barn.
  4. Everyone knew everything you ever even thought about doing, and someone probably told your parents.
  5. We drank a lot of Natural Light and Smirnoff Green Apple.
  6. If you didn’t go to elementary school or middle school together then you met in high school.
  7. Either my mom did your taxes or you knew my dad somehow.
  8. My sophomore year someone got maced in the hallway causing us to stay extra time in first period so the smell could clear.
  9. My junior year someone called in several bomb threats because they forgot to do their homework
  10. My senior year I decided to only go to college classes

A few memorable things happened to me in my hometown.

I will start with the time someone escaped from jail while I was in elementary school. Turns out he had actually tricked my great aunt into thinking he was a trustee.

Then there was the time I fell in love for the first time. This is a long and complicated story that I don’t wish to relive, but at the time I knew that was my forever. I was terribly wrong. I let myself suffer through almost two years of a very unhealthy relationship at a very young age. That relationship shaped most of my teenage years. I allowed someone to consume me at the young age of twelve. I allowed someone to be my entire life when I barely knew what life was.

This is what happened in my hometown though. This was not abnormal. I wasn’t the only one madly in love at my age. I wasn’t the only one who was sure that my entire life would revolve around this person forever.

I also experienced my very first real heartbreak in my hometown. At the time I was sure it was the hardest thing I would ever experience. I was wrong. There are things in life much harder, but this is honestly one that still sticks with me.

I fell in love twice more in this same hometown.

I got my heart broken a few more times in this small town.

I got in my first, second, and third fight, in my hometown. A real throw down fight. My mom was so angry.

I received the most love, criticism, and hate in my hometown.

I learned so much and so little about life in my hometown.

My family, friends, and childhood still live in my hometown.

This is the place that made me, and I would not change that for the world.

I made my very first best friend in my hometown. She is an absolutely amazing human being who supports me through every adventure life throws at me. She has been by my side since third grade. I intend to write an entire post about her soon.

I made my first completely fake friend in my hometown. She taught me that there are people in the world who only want to use you. It’s hard to find out that not every person you meet wants to be your friend.

I had my first pet in my hometown. He was a beautiful german shepard who was stolen by a heartless lady who assumed since he jumped the fence (because he was scared) that we didn’t take good care of him.

I had my favorite job in my hometown. I worked with some of the best, most dramatic, and rude people I’ve ever worked with. We were a family. I have never felt that at another job.

I find humor in missing all this.

I grew up dreaming of leaving this place. Dreaming of doing something bigger and better, but I find myself missing every single one of these things regularly.

It’s hard to leave behind the place that made you.

It’s hard to leave behind the people that made you.

I got deep.

I promised not to do that.

I’m sure I broke my first promise in my hometown too.

Until next time,

Life is my Comedy show (but not today)

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  1. Oh, the irony. I hated that place with a burning passion and i still find myself wanting to go back. It’s also funny you mentioned everyone knowing your business because I remember a of this. Didn’t seem like it at the time but they’re good memories to look back on.

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